CloudCoin Mobile Wallet

Replaces the first generation Android PocketBank

Authenticate CloudCoins much faster. Mobile Wallet displays CloudCoins as denominations and shows total balance. The Mobile Wallet currently supports only 'stack' file formats. This version will not deposit jpeg or png image files. Support for jpeg and png will be added in the full version.

Coming Soon! CloudCoin Mobile Wallet (beta) is in development. An announcement will be made by CloudCoin.

Get CloudCoin Android Mobile Wallet (beta)

Android CloudCoin Mobile Wallet Instructions

The green RAIDA bars along the top indicate that the network is ready. If more than 4 bars are red, please try later. You can tap the RAIDA right below the bars to refresh. Tap the <-- back arrow above the RAIDA bars to cancel out of any action.

To deposit CloudCoin stack files:

  1. Tap the deposit button.
  2. Tap the Downloads folder to open. (Any CloudCoin Stack files you have saved from email attachments, social media, etc. should be saved to the Downloads folder.)
  3. Select the CloudCoin files you want to deposit.
  4. Add a memo if you want.
  5. Tap deposit.
  6. Authentic CloudCoin stack files will be deposited. Any that are counterfeit or previously spent will be removed from the total.

To withdraw CloudCoin stack files:

  1. Tap the withdraw button.
  2. Select the amount of CloudCoins you want to withdraw. (Tap the - and + buttons to select the amount you want to with draw of each denomination. Total to withdraw will display on the export button.)
  3. Select individual or stack (multiple in stack format is best for sending to someone via text, social media, etc.
  4. Tap Export.
  5. The CloudCoins will be exported to your internal storage. Look in folder: CloudCoins > Export.

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